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Kashmiri Pandit organistaions express concern over Hindu killings, propose fact finding delegation to Kashmir

The killing of Hindu labourers today and the recent killing of Puran Bhat, a Kashmiri Pandit at Shopian, South Kashmir has jolted the entire Hindu.

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  • Oct 18 2022 4:49PM

The killing of Hindu labourers today and the recent killing of Puran Bhat, a Kashmiri Pandit at Shopian, South Kashmir has jolted the entire Hindu community of India and is another setback to return of the aborigines of Kashmir

In an urgent meeting Dr. Agnishhekar, Sh. Dilip Mattoo, Sh. Uttpal Koul, Sh. Susheel Pandit, Sh. Sanjay Ganjoo, Sh. Rahul Kaul and Sh. Amit Raina, the leaders of the leading Kashmiri Pandit organistaions Panun Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir Vichar Manch, Roots in Kashmir, Youth 4 Panun Kashmir and GKPD discussed the situation in the valley and also about the ecosystem that is working to undermine the issue of Hindus of Kashmir. 
The organistaions agreed Internally Displaced Hindus of Kashmir are caught up between the forces that continue to perpetrate Genocide on them and the forces of Denial of Genocide. 
Our younger generation accepted the jobs under PM Package because of two fundamental reasons, primarily one due to adverse economic conditions and secondly we as a community wanted to contribute to the cause of nation building, most of them joined after 2014 as we have tremendous belief in the able leadership of Prime Minister. But the demographic assaults continue to happen in numerous places across Kashmir and the administration has chosen to be willfully blind to these developments.

The neutering of 370 and abrogation of 35 A along with the reorganization of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories has dismantled the legal edifice of a Muslim State on the territory of secular India. The changes will bring peace and prosperity if the de facto edifice of this Muslim state is also dismantled. A web of formulations, perspectives and administrative approaches sustains this de facto Muslim state. Halfway Separatist Governance models and Denial of Hindu genocide constitute the cardinal expressions of this de facto Muslim state. Halfway Separatist Governance as well as Denial of Hindu Genocide has to be abandoned as policy approaches. Otherwise, the new changes in Jammu and Kashmir are doomed to fail. A new order in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be built on the soil of old order. 

All the organistaions in the meeting endorsed the following demands:
1. One Place Settlement for Geo political foothold: A geo political foothold be created at an earliest and displaced persons from last seven centuries be facilitated to settle back in their homeland.

2. Enactment of Genocide Prevention Bill: A genocide bill should be enacted immediately. The Tribunal if it feels, may constitute Special Investigations Team to assist in investigating the crimes of genocide.  

3. Initiation of formation of a tribunal: A tribunal be constituted and Nuremberg type trials be initiated at an earliest.

4. Return and Rehabilitation: Return and Rehabilitation of the displaced Genocide victim has to be based upon the doctrine of non-refoulement and in accordance to the principles and guidelines laid down in resolution adopted by the General Assembly of United Nations on 16th Dec 2005.

5. Relocation of PM package employees: PM package employees may be relocated outside valley or Deployed/Attached in the Relief Commissioners Office Jammu in order to avoid further Genocidal/ Target killings of Hindus in the Valley. We urge the government to Revoke Unconstitutional bond signed by employees under S.R.0 412 which emphasizes bonded labour and delink the of Rehabilitation from the PM Package and declare it as economic package.

It was also agreed to send a fact-finding committee to the valley to assess the ground situation, for community deliberation on the future course of action

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