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No more spying by China on India: Govt. of India has stricken rules to stop Chinese telecom infiltration

After retorting China at border, the govt. has taken strict measures to stop Chinese meddling in the field of technology.

Kranti Kalpana
  • Mar 12 2021 1:07AM
  • After retorting China at border, the govt. has taken strict measures to stop Chinese meddling in the field of technology.  It has come as a major shock to China as it shattered the over ambitious dream to earn huge profits in the expansion of 4G and upcoming 5G in Indian telecom market. Generating revenue by business collaboration with our domestic mobile operators is not the main goal of our extremely clever and shrewd neighbour China. To spy on other countries is the usual tendency of China and hence gradually it has become its policy. The ultimate aim of China was not to hack our data but to keep an eye on our VVIP movement, audio video bugging and to invade in our security sector by installing its different telecom gear in the name of business collaboration. Hence the Modi Govt. felt the need to take strict measures. This amendment has been brought to keep Chinese vendors out from 4G expansion in which purchase of spectrum of worth Rs.78000 cr.(approximately) is expected. This must be a shock to China as its players like ZTE and Huawei. may be out from the dream project of 5G if listed unreliable. Although in the new norms none of the countries has been exempted but 90% of Indian telecom market is captured by China, hence China is the country which has to face major consequences.
  • DoTnew rule says :
  • With effect from 15June the domestic licensee shall only connect with trusted vendors. Trusted vendors are those who have qualified MTCTE (Mandatory Testing and Certification for Telecom Equipment)
  • The licensee must seek permission from the designated authority to upgrade existing network for utilisation of telecom elements obtained from the associate which is not designated as trusted source.
  • This new rule is an expected move the of the govt. Back in Dec. 2020 the cabinet committee on security approved The National Security Directive for telecom. The amendment is a result of that directive only. The first and foremost directive is to list the ‘reliable sources’ and to figure out those vendors from whom none of the procurement should be done. All these measures are being taken to minimise the expansion of Chinese product in telecom sector as it may be a threat to national security. Here it is important to know that National Cyber Security Coordinator will be the Designated Authority to list the ‘Trusted Sources’ and the categories for which these directives will be applicable. There is no doubt that safeguarding national security is of utmost importance, but this move was also necessary to bridge the gap of export and import and hence minimise the loss. This is the most appropriate time to take such measures to strengthen our security system. We must applaud our govt. as it has shown the courage to safeguard national security without any compromise.

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