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SRSA & CCSA Friendly Sports Meet at Zhavame Village

Secheku Range Sports Association (SRSA) & Centre Chakhesang Games and Sports Association (CCSA) friendly Sports Meet held at Zhavame Village.

Sudarshan Nagaland
  • Nov 27 2022 5:52PM

Secheku Range Sports Association (SRSA) & Centre Chakhesang Games and Sports Association (CCSA) friendly Sports Meet held at Zhavame Village. 

Vevoyi W. D. Vadeo, President, of Chakhesang Youth Organization Kohima (CYOK) graced the occasion as a special guest.  In his address, he expressed delight in the gathering which was held under the theme "unity through sports". "It is such a fantastic gathering that so many youth leaders have turned up for this sports meet which has been truly branded as the show of unity and a show that the voice of the youth must be heard and our mindset is accepted to secure our future and our generations to come," said Vadeo.

He remarked that the occasion is a day for all the good thoughts, beautiful aspirations and a show of never before the spirit of oneness, unity, togetherness and a common voice that the society must ensure full participation of the youth for the development of the area. The Youth leader asserted that with the FIFA world cup underway, nothing could have been, better timed than Saturday's event-- Secheku Range Sports Association and the Centre Chakhesang Games and Sports Association-- Sports Meet and added that sport is one of the few spaces where people can learn about different cultures in a spirit of trust and friendship.

He stated that millions of athletics have turned into millionaires simply by engaging in the activities that they once considered hobbies and he said Sports can therefore end up providing the youth with a way of finding for themselves in this world where white-collar jobs have become scarce and manual jobs are being constantly replaced by technology.

Vadeo also said, "What unites us here in this moment is so much greater than what divides us. Let us find beauty in our differences. Let us try to make this moment a beautiful last longer than just today," and he went on to call upon the youth leaders to organize such programs even in days to come adding that promoting Youth is the most imperative challenge of the society, particularly for the people and area in Centre Chakhesang and Secheku Range wherein half or more of the population of our youth. Admitting the fact of the demographic realities, he said the youth holds enormous potential for change and positive action and are the unique resource that can develop innovative solutions for the development of the area which also applies to the entire world.

He exuded his belief that the Youth are champions for development and change in communities and societies and not on the notion of youth as 'future leaders' and he said the society must ensure the full participation and inclusion of young people for a sustainable society.

A prominent student leader already and a youth leader, he stated, "We will not attain and create a sustainable society unless we invest in youth and partner with young people. Investing in young people's education, health and employment etc. will ensure better prospects for their own lives and the development of our areas." He also opined that if society fails to invest in the youth society will further entrench poverty and ignorance for generations to come.

Meanwhile, he also advised the youth to understand and analyse what is going on around them and find out opinions on social and political issues lamenting that the present generation is struggling to differentiate between the "good" and "bad" and thereon calls for efforts to engage in the formal socio-political process, participate more responsibly and formulate today's and tomorrows politics so that the voice is heard and mindset is accepted to secure a future and generations to come.

Vadeo also calls upon the youth of the area to act as role models for others in the society and the generations to come and thereby make society a better place to live in with unity as a weapon and strength to accomplish any goal for the development of the area.

Mentioned may be made here that, he recently joined the NDPP party along with hosts of supporters and will be contesting in the forthcoming coming General election in 2023 from 17th Chizami AC.

President of Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) Vezhoduyi Nakro also exhorted the event, while a short speech was also delivered by  Vemudo D Vadeo, President of CCGSA, the programme was chaired by Vihoto Wozah VP SRSA.

The invocation was said by Veduzo Chirha, Vice- president of CCGS, the welcome address was delivered by Lucas Dukru, President of SRSA, Special number was presented by Neizowu-u Women Coordinator SRSA and a vote of thanks was said by Deto Khamo, Finance Secretary SRSA.

On the occasion, a football exhibition for men and women in volleyball was held.

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