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Kim Jong Un in grave danger after surgery

Early reports suggest that leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea is gravely ill following an operation earlier this month.

Saloni Bhatia
  • Apr 21 2020 5:27PM

Early reports suggestthat leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea is gravely ill following an operationearlier this month.North Korean statemedia have not yet verified this. The South Korean newsoutlet Yonhap said government officials denied the argument that the safety ofKim Jong Un was at risk. It was unclear whether the government officials wereNorth Korean or South Korean leaders. Earlier, officials atSouth Korea's Ministry of Unification and National Intelligence Service saidthey couldn't confirm the report immediately. After an unspecified operation,CNN cited an anonymous U.S. official who said Kim was in "gravedanger." He had soughttreatment earlier this month after undergoing surgery.

Kim was last seen onApril 11th, in public. He missed the celebration of his grandfather's 'Day ofthe Sun' and the founder of the country, Kim Il Sung. In March, North Koreasaid President Donald Trump sent Kim a personal letter seeking to maintain goodrelations and offer cooperation in combating the outbreak.At the time, Kim'ssister and senior official, Kim Yo Jong, said Trump's letter showed how uniquethe relationship between the two leaders was but it wasn't a good idea to bepositive about their country's prospects for bilateral relations. A senior official inthe Trump administration confirmed Trump sent Kim a letter saying it wasconsistent with Trump's attempts to engage world leaders during the pandemic.

The U.S. intelligenceagencies are receiving information that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is inserious danger after undergoing surgery, CNN has reported quoting a personallyexperienced U.S. official.  The SupremeLeader of North Korea recently skipped his grandfather's birthdaycelebration-the national founder, Kim Il Sung, triggering speculationsregarding his health. The study was notindependently confirmed by Moneycontrol. He was chairing ameeting of the ruling Workers' Party's politburo on April 11 when Kim was lastseen publicly. April 15, North Korea'smost important holiday is the birthday of the country's founding father Kim IlSung. It had been celebrated without any official mention of the movements ofKim Jong-Un, the report said. As Kim wasapparently absent from a festivity honoring his grandfather, as per thearticle, experts were unsure what to take from it.

 In 2008, theabsence of Kim Jong Il from a parade marking the 60th anniversary of NorthKorea was accompanied by rumblings that he is in ill health. But later it wasannounced he'd had a stroke. The study recommended after which his healthcontinued to decline until he died in 2011. A number of recentreports about the North Korean leader's health have arisen. If Kim ishospitalized, that will explain why he wasn't present at the big April 15celebrations, Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the HeritageFoundation and former North Korea deputy chief of the CIA division told thepublication. Throughout theyears, however, there have been a number of false reports of health about KimJong-un or his father, he said, adding "we'll have to wait and see."

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