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Assam government launched Sadbhavna Project.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday said that to close all old cases and pending files before May 10, 2021, the Assam government will implement the Sadbhavna Project from February 1.

Thejotalu Nakro
  • Jan 18 2022 2:09PM

The Chief Minister of Assam Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma said that "Taking decisive action to clear all the old cases and close the long-pending files, the state government will start the implementation of Project Sadbhavna from 1st February". 
Many old cases belonging to various departments at Janta Bhavan (Assam Secretariat) and decisions in such matters are pending for years. While old files are gathering dust on the rack, citizens have to visit the concerned department to take matters forward in the hope of some decision. 
Project Sadbhavna Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, in Guwahati, while participating in an interactive program with the officials of Janta Bhavan, Chief Minister of Assam urged the officers to redefine their roles and rededicate themselves to serve the people. The Government of Assam will start the implementation of the e-office system at Janata Bhawan, which is targeted to be operational in all departments in the Secretariat by 10th May 2023. 
Under Project Sadbhavna, in the first phase, all citizens will be given two months to register and quote file numbers or refer to government communication regarding old matters that can be done online through Government Sadbhavna Portal. Those who do not have access to the Internet can also approach the Public Facilitation Centers and later register and give the details. A unique number will be provided to the citizen to keep track of the progress of their case. Along with this, all the departments will do the exercise of collection, documents and investigation of all the old files and cases before May 2021. In the second phase, the departments will be given till April 2022 to clear all the old cases. The exercise will be completed by May 10, 2022, said the Assam chief minister.
Stating that the government would make extensive use of technology in carrying out this exercise, CM Sarma said that the portal would be used to invite feedback from citizens as well. Citizens can also track the progress of their responses. “The file movement will be tracked through e-office. In addition, the implementation of this project will be monitored by the government through a dashboard. 

Outlining the plans to make the government more efficient and people-centric, the Chief Minister of Assam also informed that along with Project Sadbhavna, the Assam government aims to carry out a cleanliness drive to create a healthy work environment at the Janta Bhavan and urged the officials to be an active part of this new change and become the change agents that the people of the state have been waiting for. 

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