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Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann to get married for the second time to Dr Gurpreet Kaur on Thursday

Bhagwant Mann, 48, is divorced from his first wife Inderpreet Kaur in 2015. After which the wife went to America with the children.

Shivani Thakur
  • Jul 6 2022 5:02PM

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann is going to get married for the second time on Thursday to Dr Gurpreet Kaur. The wedding rituals will be held at the CM House in Chandigarh. Bhagwant Mann, 48, is divorced from his first wife Inderpreet Kaur in 2015. After which the wife went to America with the children.

Mann has 2 children from his first wife. Both are in America with his mother and  had come for the oath-taking ceremony of Mann as the Chief Minister.

 The family has chosen Dr. Gurpreet Kaur for the CM honor. Dr. Gurpreet Kaur is already acquainted with Mann's sister Manpreet Kaur. He had been a frequent traveler in the family. Mann's sister Manpreet and Gurpreet have also been shopping together several times. Maan's mother Harpal Kaur and sister Manpreet Kaur fixed this relationship. At the behest of the family, CM Mann consented to the marriage.

Bhagwant Mann has been a successful comedian of Punjab. He was married to Inderpreet Kaur. Bhagwant Mann came to politics in 2012. He joined Manpreet Badal's Punjab People's Party. In 2012, he contested from Lehragaga, but lost. However, in 2014, he joined the Aam Aadmi Party. He got a ticket from Sangrur. Then his wife Inderpreet Kaur also campaigned. However, after becoming an MP, Mann's relationship with his wife deteriorated. Man himself also mentioned about this that he is not able to give time to the family.

Mann had said- I left the family and chose Punjab, before Bhagwant Mann had said about his divorce that he had to choose between the family or Punjab. However, he chose Punjab. He also praised his son Dilshan and daughter Seerat. Mann also praised his first wife for raising children very well.

According to the sources, MP Raghav Chadha is carrying out the responsibility of the arrangement. Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia will also attend along with the family.


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