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BCCI Lays Foundation for First Indoor Cricket Facility in Meghalaya

MCA Secretary Lauds BCCI for Support Amidst Busy Schedules, Reiterates Commitment to Local Talent Policy. Meghalaya's Path to Ranji Elite Group Solely with Homegrown Players. he said. “We don’t mind losing, but we want to promote our talent.”

Thejotalu Nakro
  • May 21 2024 8:03PM

In a landmark event for cricket in the North East, BCCI president Roger Binny and BCCI secretary Jay Shah virtually laid the foundation stones for indoor cricket facilities in Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya on 20th May 2024. This historic ceremony marked the beginning of Meghalaya’s first indoor training facility at Madan Kurkalang, on land provided by the LumdaitkhlaDorbarShnong.

The Ri-Bhoi facility, fully sanctioned by the BCCI, is set to be completed by September. It will feature four full-length practice pitches, a swimming pool, a gym, and dressing rooms, addressing the year-round training challenges posed by Meghalaya's weather. The Meghalaya Cricket Association (MCA) has proposed residential accommodation at the site to support extended training periods for cricketers and is also seeking land for a similar facility in the Garo Hills.

Cabinet minister AL Hek, attending as Advisor to the LumdaitkhlaDorbarShnong, joined MCA president Nababrata Bhattacharjee, vice-president RayonaldKharkamni, honorary secretary Gideon Kharkongor, honorary treasurer DhrubajyotiThakuria, and RangbahShnong of LumdaitkhlaDorbarShnong ST Rympei at the event. Other attendees included members of the MCA, the DorbarShnong, district associations, and young players from across the state.

During the virtual foundation stone laying, Jay Shah reflected on his efforts in 2017 to secure full BCCI membership for Meghalaya and five other Northeast states. He emphasized the importance of using the indoor facilities to develop local talent. 

MCA president Bhattacharjee reiterated the association's commitment to a local-only player policy, highlighting that this approach did not hinder Meghalaya's qualification for the Elite Group in the upcoming 2024-25 Ranji Trophy season.

BCCI president Binny, a former international cricketer, stated that the indoor facilities would be the "backbone" of cricket development, transforming the sport in the region and benefiting future generations.

Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma, also present at the virtual ceremony, described the event as a strong message of inclusiveness for the North East, which has historically been marginalized in the cricketing world.

MCA secretary Kharkongor praised the BCCI officials for their support and dedication despite their busy schedules. Bhattacharjee expressed the MCA's determination to maintain its local-only player policy. “Meghalaya reached the Ranji Elite Group with local players only,” he said. “We don’t mind losing, but we want to promote our talent.”

Looking to the future, Bhattacharjee added, “In the next five years, we will have one or two players representing the country in age-category teams, either men’s or women’s. This message should spread like a revolution through the state to build cricket. The time for action has come.”

 The development of this facility marks a significant step forward for cricket in Meghalaya and the North East, promising to nurture local talent and provide state-of-the-art training resources for future generations.

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