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Amit Shah lashed out at Akhilesh on his arrival in Mathura, know what he said

Amit Shah said that there is only one state where most saints and mahants are sitting. Be it Chitrakoot, Kashi or Vrindavan.

Iti Agarwal
  • Jan 27 2022 8:05PM

Union Home Minister Amit Shah while targeting the SP said that after the BJP government, Bahubali has started surrendering in fear of the police. Akhilesh Yadav's stomach hurts when the blame falls on him. Somewhere Azam Khan had spread Mukhtar Ansari somewhere. When Azam Khan was caught, all the sections of CRPC fell short. So many cases were on them.

Amit Shah said that there is only one state where most saints and mahants are sitting. Be it Chitrakoot, Kashi or Vrindavan. If there was no Modi ji's government, would Ram Mandir have been built? We were told that the temple would be built there, but would not tell the date. I want to tell Akhilesh ji that the temple's Bhoomi Pujan has been done. Earlier, the security of the country was kept by the people of SP-BSP and Congress. Only Bharatiya Janata Party gives top priority to the security of the country.

Amit Shah said that before the formation of the BJP government, the people of Uttar Pradesh have seen the governments of SP and BSP. The SP used to come and do the work of one caste. BSP used to come and work for other castes. No one has ever drawn the development map of this state. The BJP government is not for any one caste but for the entire society.

Uttar Pradesh is the second economy of the country today. Give one more blessings, we will make the country's number one economy. If the government is in the hands of Akhilesh then there will be a rule of goons. If governance is in the hands of BJP, then there will be good governance. We are building Parashuram Park in the name of Lord Parashuram. The BJP has done the work of increasing this tradition of travelers from all over the world who came to Mathura.

Amit Shah said that we have done the work of giving a transparent government. We all know Uttar Pradesh. Five years ago, in the SP government, Bahubali used to trouble. Sisters and daughters were insulted. When the BJP government came, they all surrendered. Akhilesh ji feels pain in his stomach when the blame falls on him. The BJP government has done the work of getting rid of the land worth two thousand crores which was in the possession of the mafia. Akhilesh babu you raise question on law and order. You should die by drowning in full of water.

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हम देशहित के मुद्दों को आप लोगों के सामने मजबूती से रखते हैं। जिसके कारण विरोधी और देश द्रोही ताकत हमें और हमारे संस्थान को आर्थिक हानी पहुँचाने में लगे रहते हैं। देश विरोधी ताकतों से लड़ने के लिए हमारे हाथ को मजबूत करें। ज्यादा से ज्यादा आर्थिक सहयोग करें।

ताज़ा खबरों की अपडेट अपने मोबाइल पर पाने के लिए डाउनलोड करे सुदर्शन न्यूज़ का मोबाइल एप्प


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