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Shri KG Kenye: “Setting up Committee to oversee the conduct of the ULB Election”

He said that after 32 years we have reached a situation where we have to relook at the entire Act where the state assembly has completely repealed the Act.

Thejotalu Nakro
  • Apr 28 2023 12:33AM

Minister of Power and Parliamentary Affairs Shri K.G. Kenye said that a committee would be set up to oversee the conduct of the elections of Urban Local Bodies in the state, under which the committee would hold extensive consultations with all concerned and come out with a new initiative Act which is suitable to the way of life and social practices and where the State Legislature will adopt a new Act for the Nagaland Municipal Act at the earliest.

Addressing a press conference today at Hotel Japphu, Kohima, Minister Shri. KG Kenye said that the Nagaland Municipal Act was first enacted by the State Legislature in the year 2001, adding that the State is a Resource Grant State with Zero Revenue State, To seek funds for the development of towns and cities. The central government gives funds as aid to municipalities and city councils only when the state makes a law to constitute municipal councils. Stating that the Government of the past, perhaps out of desperation, enacted the Municipal Act of 2001 without any ill intention, but with an intention to develop the State and benefit the citizens, that they took a hasty decision, amending Article 243 and 74 without knowing the consequences of endorsing the constitution.

Shri KG Kenye also said that it is part of the executive to advise the current government properly. He said that after 2001 the state government tried to amend certain laws, but it failed to meet the wishes of the people and there were many hurdles in the attempt to form municipalities. He said that after 32 years we have reached a situation where we have to relook at the entire Act where the state assembly has completely repealed the Act.

Stating that the government is aware of the urgency, it will not lose any time in bringing the right platform for the people and the state. He also clarified the order of the Supreme Court of India, wherever it is not mentioned as contempt of court and where reports in certain quarters have resorted to the statement that the court has ordered the Chief Minister and along with the Chief Secretary, the tribals bodies. "It is unfounded, baseless, and a gross misconception", he said.

However stating that the order has asked for a presentation on 1st May 2023, he hopes that the Advocate General of the State and its members will clarify and shed some light on the background and expect that the court will give a just decision in the matter.

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