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Sanjay Kumar: Bihar Native Takes on Drug Menace in Kashmir for Future Generations

Sanjay Kumar: Bihar Native Takes on Drug Menace in Kashmir for Future Generations*

Rohil Bashir Ahanger
  • Apr 3 2023 7:53PM
Sanjay Kumar, the chief patron of Jammu Kashmir Nationalist People's Front, is a man on a mission to save the future generations of Kashmir from the grips of drug addiction. With his unwavering dedication and relentless efforts, Sanjay Kumar has emerged as a leading voice in the fight against drug abuse in the region.

Born and raised in Bihar, Sanjay Kumar has always been a man of principle and conviction. He firmly believes that the future of any society lies in the hands of its youth, and that it is the responsibility of every citizen to create a nurturing and supportive environment for the next generation.

Sanjay's journey as a social activist began in his early twenties when he moved to Jammu and Kashmir. He was appalled by the rampant drug abuse that he witnessed in the region and decided to take matters into his own hands. He founded the Jammu-Kashmir Nationalist People's Front (JKNPF) with the aim of creating a violence-free, addiction-free, and corruption-free J&K.

Sanjay and his team have been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction. They have organized several walkathons and campaigns to educate people about the harmful effects of drugs and the importance of a drug-free society. Sanjay firmly believes that eradicating the drug menace in Kashmir requires a concerted effort from all sections of society.

Sanjay's message is simple yet powerful - it is the responsibility of every individual, especially parents, to create a supportive and nurturing environment for their children. He encourages parents to discuss the risks of drug use with their children early and often, as it can protect them from the high-risk behaviors associated with drug addiction.

Sanjay said his party is trying its best to do its bit, but it's the responsibility of all to come forward voluntarily, and together we will fight to eradicate it.

Our youth needs to know that this path is wrong, this thing must be in the mind of the youth," and for this prayer leaders, religious leaders, scholars can play an important role he said.

Sanjay's tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has been featured in several media outlets for his work in the field of drug abuse prevention.  Sanjay's work has inspired many young people to join the fight against drug addiction and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Thousands of youth have joined his mission in entire country especially in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently, the party holds a series of walkathons in different districts of Kashmir including Summer capital Srinagar, Bandipora, Anantnag, Kulgam and Pulwama.

The political party was launched in 2018 in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, consisting of educated intellectuals and social workers. The party's goal was to address issues related to social injustice, dynastic politics, and other hardships faced by the people of J&K. Since its launch, the party has become a new voice for the UT's citizens.

The party has gained significant momentum in the hotbed of militancy areas, particularly in South Kashmir's Pulwama, after reaching out to the people and gathering firsthand information about their suffering and pain due to the family politics. 

At their first political rally since the Centre's abrogation of Article 370, thousands of individuals have joined hands with the JKNPF for a new dawn. The youth, in particular, are joining the party in significant numbers.
   Sanjay expressed that their aim is to work towards a bright future for Kashmir, where each individual can feel safe and hopeful. He stated that their party believes in promoting peace, development, and prosperity for the region, and will not deceive the people with false promises. Instead, they aim to show a path towards a peaceful Kashmir that everyone can envision.

Kumar also acknowledged the concerns of the youth about their future and stated that this is a promising start towards a vibrant Kashmir. He said such attitudes, efforts, and dedication of people, especially youngsters, will lead to a peaceful and developed Kashmir.
"Young people need jobs, a peaceful life, and a vibrant economy. With this attitude, people in the UT have already shown an exit door to family politics and so-called well-wishers of Kashmir who have bungalows and properties outside Kashmir and who believe in separatist ideology," he added.

He said JKNP assures the people of UT, especially the youth, of a better life ahead and that fighting for drugs for their safety and safe future is just the beginning of his party.

JKNPF is determined to solve the problems faced by the people at large. They have been conned for so many years by various political parties; however, our party does not believe in emotive sloganeering; instead, we focus on realistic issues that affect the routine lives of our people.

Sanjay stated that the party does not believe in challenges. Instead, they aim for a peaceful, developed Kashmir, promoting a bright future and career prospects for the youth. Their political efforts are directed towards advocating for the people of Utah.

According to Sanjay, a large number of youth in Kashmir are becoming victims of drug addiction due to the flooding of heroin in the valley. He acknowledged that protecting these youth from the scourge of drug addiction is the most significant challenge. Sanjay vowed that his party would strive to improve the lives of these youth and ensure a better future for them.

Society in Jammu and Kashmir is facing a multifaceted challenge as it grapples with the twin menace of terrorism and the growing scourge of drug addiction. For over three decades, terrorism has ravaged the social fabric of the region, leaving behind a trail of destruction and despair. However, in recent years, the situation has become even more complex as drug abuse has emerged as a major threat to the well-being of the people. 

The insidious spread of narco-terrorism has further exacerbated the situation, putting the security forces on high alert. 

The need of the hour is for the society to come forward and take collective action to deal with this menace before it engulfs the entire nation. 

Against this backdrop, Sanjay, without security cover, is raising awareness against drug abuse in the terrorism prone areas. 

As the threat of drug abuse looms large, it is imperative that all stakeholders join hands to combat this scourge and protect the future of the society.

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