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PM Modi Inaugurates Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor Today

PM Modi while addressing in Gharwali said, All the grains of Uttarakhand, grown-ups, sisters, aunts and fear sisters, I salute you all. After this, PM Modi said that the development of Uttarakhand is the top priority of the government of double engine. In the last 5 years, for the development of Uttarakhand, the central government has sanctioned more than one lakh crore rupees projects.

Iti Agarwal
  • Dec 4 2021 4:46PM

PM Modi has reached Dehradun today to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of 18 thousand crore schemes. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami was also present on the occasion. There, PM Modi first presented schemes worth 18 thousand crores to the state from Dehradun. And laid the foundation stone of 15626 schemes and inaugurated schemes worth 2573 crores. After that the speech started. During this, he also patted CM Dhami's shoulder.

PM Modi while addressing in Gharwali said, All the grains of Uttarakhand, grown-ups, sisters, aunts and fear sisters, I salute you all. After this, PM Modi said that the development of Uttarakhand is the top priority of the government of double engine. In the last 5 years, for the development of Uttarakhand, the central government has sanctioned more than one lakh crore rupees projects. The government here is bringing them down on the ground. Taking this forward, today the foundation stone for schemes worth 18 thousand crores has been inaugurated. After years of hard work and going through many processes, this day has come. I am repeating from Dehradun after Kedarpuri. These projects will make this decade the decade of Uttarakhand. Those who ask what is the benefit of double engine government, they can see how this government is shedding the Ganga of development.

We are working at double the speed to compensate for the scams that happened in the country in ten years. Today India is moving ahead with the intention of investing more than two lakh crores on modern infrastructure. Today India's policy is to act twice as fast. In this period of the 21st century, such a great sacrifice of connectivity is going on which will play an important role in bringing India to the number of developed countries.

He further added, devotees also come to Devbhoomi. Entrepreneurs also come. Nature lovers also come here. Therefore, unprecedented work is being done on modern infrastructure here. Today Chardham Yatra is getting easier under the All Weather Road project. Before the Kedarnath tragedy, 570000 people had darshan in 2012 and this was a record at that time. Whereas in 2019 more than 10 lakh people came to visit Kedarnath ji before the Corona call started.

The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway will also be a proof of our model of development. In this, Asia's largest elevated wildlife corridor will also be built. Remember, whenever I used to come to Uttarakhand, I used to meet the commuters, they always used to say that Modi ji travels from Delhi to Dehradun, it is easy to reach Ganeshpur, but from Ganeshpur to Dehradun it is very difficult, today I am very happy. That the foundation stone of Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor has been laid. When it is ready, the time taken to reach Dehradun from Delhi will be about half. This will not only benefit the people of Dehradun but will also facilitate those going to Haridwar, Muzaffarnagar, Shamli Baghpat and Meerut.

Pm Modi said, power to remember what I had said five years ago is a little less in politicians. is in me Today I can proudly say that the water and youth of Uttarakhand came in handy for Uttarakhand. Once upon a time the people living on the hills only dreamed of joining the mainstream of development. When will we get roads, electricity, when we will get health facilities, but when there is a passion to do something, then the appearance also changes and the attitude also changes? Today the government does not wait for people to come up with a problem. Today the government goes directly to the citizens. There was a time that in Uttarakhand, water used to reach 1.5 lakh houses from the tap. Today water is reaching more than seven lakh houses. The previous governments had vowed to disappoint the armies at every level, but our government does not come under pressure from any country in the world.

Between 2007 and 2014, the central government built only 288 km of national highways in Uttarakhand worth Rs 600 crore. Whereas our government in its 7 years has constructed more than 2,000 kms of National Highways in Uttarakhand worth Rs 12,000 crores. More than 50 new oxygen plants have been installed in Uttarakhand during the Corona period. Today new medical colleges, IITs, IIMs in the state are working to strengthen the future of the future generation.

With the passage of time, many distortions have come in the politics of our country. Some political parties focus on a particular religion, caste or locality in the society. In that they see vote bank. These parties have adopted another approach. Don't let the people be strong. He wanted the public to remain compelled always. Make the people your fascination, so that their crown remains safe. All the efforts of those parties went in this direction. We have chosen a new path, that path is difficult but in the interest of the country. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas is our path. Whatever scheme we bring, we will bring it for everyone. Bring it without discrimination.

The PM Modi said that we want to make you self-reliant, not dependent, should be our Annadata, energy donor, and bring a plan for this. There was a crop and electricity in the field. This did not burden the country either. We started the Ujala scheme in the country. Crores of LED bulbs were given in Uttarakhand. Today LED bulbs are being used in every home. We made mobile phones, internet cheaper. Open common service center in the village.

At the same time, CM Dhami said that those who opposed the formation of Uttarakhand state, today they are talking about Uttarakhandiyat. People asking for proof of surgical strike are anti-national. We have to make Uttarakhand a trusted state of the country by 2025 till its silver jubilee. Said that elections are about to come, some selfish elements will do different things. There are such parties and leaders in our state too, who are active after four and a half years and are working to mislead the people. After CM Dhami's speech, PM Modi patted CM Dhami's shoulder.

CM Dhami said that I am proud that a person coming from a military family like me has been given an opportunity to become the chief servant of this state. Today our army kills the enemy by entering their homes. There are some elements who are trying to spoil the atmosphere under the guise of politics. Some anti-social elements in our country are like termites, we have to be careful from them.

CM Dhami said that we have taken the decision keeping the rights of the state paramount. I have been trying to discharge my duty as Chief Sevak for five months. Till I do not do better work for the 1.25 crore people of Uttarakhand, I will not rest in peace. There is no class that is not planned for. He described PM Modi as his role model.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that PM Modi is serving the country like an ascetic. Singh derives his own rule by his virtue and his might, this adage fits the PM. Today the whole world is appreciating the efforts of Modi ji. Today every child of the country is well acquainted with the schemes of the center. During the Corona period, while food was given to crores of people through the Anna Yojana, free treatment was given through the Ayushman scheme. Dozens of pending cases have been resolved under the leadership of PM. The pending work of Ram temple for years is taking amazing shape today under the miraculous leadership of PM. The Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor will cover the distance from Delhi to Dehradun in just 2 hours. A few years ago, even thinking like this seemed unimaginable. Whether today I want to connect Uttarakhand by road or heli service to the cities of Dev Bhoomi, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, we have worked considering connectivity as the core of development.

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