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Longtong (Atuphu) Sema Naga village: 118th foundation day

Longtong village and upper Sema (Sumi) has a great historical significance and urged the villagers that 118 years indicates maturity, they should be able to bring about unity, peace and reconciliation between Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh

Thejotalu Nakro
  • Jan 28 2022 7:38PM

The 118th (1904-2022) foundation day of Longtong (Atuphu) Sema Naga village at Margherita sub-Division, Assam was commemorated on January 25, 2022, with Dr Ranuj Pegu, Minister of Education, Welfare Plain Tribes and Backward Classes Govt. of Assam as Chief guest, while Y. Kikheto Sema IAS, Agriculture Production Commissioner Govt of Nagaland graced the event as the Special Guest, Laisam Simai, MLA cum Advisor Tourism, IPR and Printing Govt of Arunachal Pradesh as Guest of Honour and Dr Hotokhu Chishi Rtd. Director Health and Family Welfare Govt of Nagaland as Guest of honour. 
Rev. Pughoto Aye, Executive Secretary, Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou pronounced a dedicatory prayer for the stone unveiling, wherein Cheif Guest Dr Ranuj Pegu inaugurated the 118th Foundation stone of Longtong (Atuphu) Sema Naga Village.

On the occasion, Dr Ranuj Pegu congratulated the people of Longtong Sema Naga village for completing 118 years of its existence. He said it is honoured that he was given the privilege to unveil the foundation stone of Longtong (Atu Phu) Sema Naga village. He revealed that despite his tight schedule he was constrained to attend the ceremony as he loved and respects the Naga people. He also narrated about his personal affinity with the Naga people back in his younger days as a medical student as well as a student leader and quoted the Nagas as beautiful people, who were brave warriors, loving and caring. He also reminisced stopping by the Longtong Sema village while on a bike riding spree to the area during his youth days.

On the matter of those villages that have nomenclature issues, Pegu stated that the Assam Government has already decided to tackle it by opening a portal where the concerned villages could apply their case and redress their issues. He further stated that the Government has specific laws that protect the land and rights of the minority people in Assam and therefore encouraged the Sema Naga villages in the area to be optimistic about any apprehension that prevails for they are in safe hands, besides he also assures that the development and safety will positively reach these Naga villages in the future.

Speaking as a special guest at the event Shri. Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS, Agriculture Production Commissioner, Government of Nagaland stated that back in the days, the Nagas and the Sümis in particular were fierce warriors and the dreaded head hunters.

History has recorded that the Sümis came from Central Nagaland and established their village in 1904 long before even India has freed herself from the yoke of the British regime which is astounding and must be acknowledged. He urged the Longtong Village in particular, and the remaining five villages in general, to retrospect back to 118 years where their forefathers had the resilience to set up villages – struggling with wild animals, the pests such as mosquitoes and leeches, to established these villages. He urged the villagers to be thankful to the pioneers who established these villages even before India became a Country and Assam was a State. 

On the occasion of this historic event, Kikheto said to the Nagas and Sümis in particular that our forefathers were head hunters, but the present generation should instead hunt for peace, development and unity with all our neighbouring States. He said that the Ahoms and the Nagas had historical ties and friendly relationships over the years. And the present generation should sustain and strengthen the cordial relationships like in the past. He said 'We must make "peace and not pieces", "unity and not disunity". He also urged that the people of the North-East should come together as the United States of Northeast “we” and not “I”  as "I" bring "illness" but "WE" for wellness and thereby build up our region and our Nation. 

He looked back at all those years our people have been living in this wilderness and thanked God almighty for the protection. He also thanked and acknowledged the following dignitaries who had visited this village in the past, Shri. Kawoto Zhimo, Sheiypu, Assistant Political Officer, Margherita Sub-Division, Tinsukia District, Assam during 1955-57. Shri. Khelhoshe Chishi, the first Naga Minister of Assam, was then the Minister of Forest in 1958. Dr S. C. Jamir, Union Deputy Minister of Railways in 1969.  Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India on 16th January 2003. And on this occasion of the 118th Foundation Day of Longtong Village is being graced by Dr Ranuj Pegu, Minister of Education, WPT & BC, Government of Assam as Chief Guest accompanied by hosts of dignitaries.
He stated that this village and upper Sema(Sumi) has a great historical significance and urged the villagers that 118 years indicates maturity, they should be able to bring about unity, peace and reconciliation between Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. He also 
expressed happiness that the Sumi in Upper Assam continues striving to preserve our language and culture.

The guest of honour  Shri Laisam Simai, MLA cum Advisor to Govt of Arunachal Pradesh in his speech stated that the Tangsa people had blood relation with the Nagas and they would gladly yield to their aid if the need arises. He further encouraged the congregation that above all things keep God as a priority as he always answers our call.

Dr Vihuto Asumi, General Secretary, Sumi Hoho greeted the gathering and read out the message of the Sümi Hoho President.

Meanwhile, Dr Hotokhu Chishi read out a 3 points memorandum and submitted it to Dr Ranuj Pegu Minister of Education, WPT and Backward Classes Govt of Assam on behalf of the Longtong Sema Naga village Council. 

The special guest Kikheto Sema IAS was accompanied by Rev. Pughoto Aye Executive Secretary, Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou and his team, Sumi Hoho, WSKH, WSYF, Student leaders and hosts of other Sumi leaders from different fields.

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