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Indian army makes strong relationship with Aam Awaam in South Kashmir

Indian army helped many poor and needy people during last 3 years by providing basic needs

Rohil Bashir Ahanger
  • Mar 5 2023 12:23PM

Once there was a big gap between Indian army and people of south Kashmir but after the abrogation of article 370 this gap was filled by Indian army particularly those officers which have taken over after 2019.

As a part of Sadbhavna and other sponsored schemes Indian army has helped almost thousands of poor needy and others by providing them basic needs

   Operation Sadbhavana is an unique humane initiative undertaken by Indian Army in the State of Jammu & Kashmir to address aspirations of people affected by scrooge of terrorism, sponsored and abetted by Pakistan.

  Providing medical assistance to poor and needy was one of the appreciable step taken by Indian army by which they have set up many medical assistance booths and from time to time they organized many medical camps for the locals residing in far flung areas and poor people of south Kashmir.

The main aim of operation Sadbhavana and other schemes was to focus on infrastructure, community development, education ,health and particularly women empowerment.

  Under education aim Indian army have already built many renowned schools in south Kashmir where thousands of students are studying these include famous AGPS Pahalgam, AGPS Balapur, AGPS High Ground and AGPS Wuzur, apart from this they have created many libraries for the students of south Kashmir where students can study for their exams.

   Under women empowerment hundreds of poor girls were designed to teach cutting and tailoring courses and after the completion they were given free sewing machines so that they can earn their livelihood.

 Many units in south Kashmir have helped poor girls by providing them sewing machines which includes 42RR and others, recently 42RR provided three sewing machines to poor girls in south Kashmir.

  One of the Officer told Sudarshan Tv that whenever any poor or needy approached them for any help they are helping them and Indian army has always supported people and it will continue to do this in future also.

One of the girl name (with held) said that These type of initiatives strengthen the bond between Indian army and locals , “it is a matter of great pleasure that Indian army is providing them basic needs to earn their livelihood now we can earn our livelihood easily” told the girl. She also thanked Indian army for providing her livelihood.

Another officer told that they are doing the best for society and these kind of initiatives will continue in future for the needy people . He also told that his Battalion has helped hundreds of poor families in this Covid-19 pandemic.

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