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China declare that They never recognized Arunachal pradesh as Indian territory

China builds armed forces in opposite Arunachal pradesh 's Asaphila and Fishtail sectors

Sudarshan News
  • Sep 16 2020 1:02PM
The Chinese builds armed forces in two location across the LAC in Arunachal pradesh  after that India moves with their armed forces to the eastern part of the border with china in ladakh , It builds in Asaphila and Fishtsil sectors ,20 km from the Indian territory. Indian armed forces prepared to accomplish to defeat if any attack made by China , India also sent armies to eastern district of Anjaw in arunachal pradesh .

Anjaw's cheif civil servant said that many Indian army forces placed Anjaw and also increased the military,  Arunachal pradesh which china calls south Tibet, Earlier the border war between India and china in 1962 and security analysts claims that again it will happen . China said Arunachal pradesh is not recognized as Indian territory

 Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said China never recognized arunachal pradesh illegally established on Chinese territory . After 12 days the five Indian men returned India and Indian army said the three incidents and latest one  take place this year in subansiri and west siang districts of arunachal pradesh.

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